tgc logoTGC was founded in December 2008 due to the need for an environmental advisory in the Tri-Cities to lobby municipal governments to meet and exceed environmental best-of-practices, utilize green infrastructure and implement green bylaws. In order to effectively manage a rapidly growing number of campaigns and members, the TGC Steering Board was formed. Their task in summer 2009 has been to develop the structure and management tools necessary to facilitate active task teams (working groups). Holding municipal governments accountable for the well-being of our communities has always been TGC’s mandate.

The big question is: How can we keep municipal governments accountable? TGC believes that environmentally educated communities keep municipal governments accountable! Educated stakeholders who are active participants in their communities will insist that municipal governments are accountable to the social and ecological well-being of their communities. The more stewards and stakeholders that are empowered, the higher the resulting accountability. If lobbying elected representatives does not achieve our goals then the informed voters will aid in electing representatives that are stewards of our communities. This is why the TGC Project’s goals are to create and facilitate a collaborative network of stewards and stakeholders as well as educate the citizens of our communities as to the current campaigns, events and collaborative working groups.